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Welcome, welcome, welcome

My name's Massimo, and I'm a photographer from Adelaide. I mainly capture still life images with a minimalist and striking style. But, life isn't always straightforward, and neither is my photography. I've shot in various genres and have dabbled in video as well.

I'm a true-blue Adelaide local, born and bred. I reckon that's why I've never felt the urge to move. For around 15 years, I worked as a civil designer but always had a camera close by. One day, I decided to turn my passion into a profession, and here I am.

I've got a strong liking for the simple and minimal. This love shines through in much of my work. For me, it's about taking an ordinary, often overlooked item, positioning and lighting it just right, and making it the centre of attention. No distractions, no gimmicks, just the beauty in simplicity.

If the ordinary can be captivating, imagine how the extraordinary will appear!

Got products you want to spotlight, even straightforward ecommerce photos? Let's chat. I can work with all kinds of budgets. I'd love to hear your thoughts and be part of a team that boosts businesses.

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