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E-COMMERCE - $150ph 

Beauty in simplicity! The ecommerce package is for those who need high-quality, appealing images on a budget and quickly. You can expect:

  • 3000px images on the long edge

  • Colour accurate

  • Consistent

  • Repeatable

  • Photos delivered at the end of the photoshoot

Grinder FCG450 17_edited.jpg


I can cut out any image and provide a PNG file, allowing it to be overlaid on any background.



I love capturing your raw products and transforming them into stunning images. However, at times, retouching may be required due to dirt, dust, machining marks, packaging imperfections, and other issues that can affect the product's appearance. The cost for this service will vary based on the extent of work required. I can provide an estimate upon viewing some images or the product in person.

Better Beer Zero Carb 5x4 Zoom.jpg


As much as I love to provide a set price for creative photography, there are simply too many variables to consider. Please send me an email at with your thoughts, examples, goals, and ideas, and I'll provide you with an estimate.


  • Day Rate $1000 (8 hours)

  • Half Day $600 (4 Hours)

  • Hourly $160ph

Please be aware this is standard pricing. Variables, such as size of products, location shooting, complexity and so on can affect these standard rates. If I foresee that I need to adjust standard pricing I will advise during consultation and provided the adjustments on the estimate.

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